Jeremy Monroe, Freshwaters Illustrated

Pacific Lamprey Decline Steeply

Ancient, eel-like fish plays crucial role in river ecology “Lampreys are delightfully bizarre fish — and vastly underappreciated for the role they play…in ecosystems.” Center for Biological Diversity Pacific lampreys are ancient animals, emissaries from the Paleozoic era. For 500 … Read more »

McKenzie River Oregon Chub

Back From the Brink

The tiny Oregon chub makes a big comeback There’s a species of minnow that teetered on the brink of extinction. Hardly anyone noticed — except a handful of fisheries biologists determined to save the fish, known as the Oregon chub. … Read more »

Planting Seeds: Staff Profile

Kathleen Westly grows trees and kids It’s a late-winter Saturday at Fern Road Farm in Philomath. Squalls are spitting rain, leapfrogging across the landscape with tepid snatches of sun. Along the Marys River, a crew of volunteers is hard at … Read more »

FendersBlueButterfly_Wren_ FleckHarding

Where Butterflies Thrive

Planting Wildflowers and Freeing Oak Bringing Back Prairie Habitat “There’s one!” calls a tall guy in an olive-drab raincoat. Slowly, gingerly, several members of the group step through the wet wildflowers toward the place where he’s pointing. There sits a tiny butterfly, … Read more »

Corvallis Mill Race: Past, Present, Future

1. Old Wetland Rivulet Dug Out for Flour Power Chinese Laborers Dig Channel and Build Dam If you drive along Hwy 99 through Corvallis’s “South Town,” you might have a hard time imagining how the landscape looked when European settlers … Read more »