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We inspire and support voluntary stewardship in the Marys River watershed

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Celebrate Earth Day
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The MRWC Board welcomes you to join us to celebrate Earth Day.

Cloud and Kelly will donate 15% of all sales to support our work. What's more, they will donate 100% of sales of Mazama's Hop Eruption IPA to help support our work.

MRWC Spring 2014 Newsletter available

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Read about new board membes and the Mill Race in south Corvallis

Spring 2014 Newwletter

Next REGULAR board meeting scheduled for Tuesday June 10, 2014
6:30 to 8:30 pm
Philomath City Hall (980 Applegate Street)

Please note: The May 13 Board Meeting will be a strategic planning pre-workshop from 4:00 to 9:00 pm at Corl House.

Council board meetings are generally held the second Tuesday of each month, and are open to the public. Watershed Council members are encouraged to attend, and all are welcome
Tentative agenda: TBA

Winter 2014 Newsletter

MRWC Winter 2014 Newsletter available

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MRWC Autumn 2013 Newsletter available

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Autum(September) 2013 Newwletter

Corvallis Gazette-Times Highlights Marys River and its Watershed

Our local paper featured an extensive article in the Sunday, August 25 issue.

Feel free to download the PDF version or find it on the GT's website.


Summer (July) 2013 Newwletter

MRWC Summer 2013 Newsletter available

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Got Lamprey?

While they don't receive the same respect that other iconic anadramous species like salmon get, these amazing fish also migrate from fresh water out to the open ocean and back again. They formed an important food source for native population, although it is said they are an acquired taste.

Check out this video of LAMPREY SPAWNING on Mosby Creek. Mosby Creek is a tributary of the Row River. The Row River (pronounced like Cow, not tow) is a tributary of the Coast Fork Willamette River.

If you want to look for the lamprey yourself, take the opportunity to go for a bike ride from Cottage Grove on the Row River Bike Trail. The bike trail crosses Mosby Creek about three miles west of Cottage Grove. The trail from Cottage Grove to Mosby Creek is administered by the City of Cottage Grove, and the trail west of Mosby Creek is administered by the Bureau of Land Management. Enjoy!



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Annual individual membership in Marys River Watershed Council is only $25 -- less than seven cents a day. Household membership is available for $45

Please note that PayPal collects a 3% fee for us to use their service. If you would like 100% of your contribution to go to the Watershed Council, consider an increase in your donation amount by 3%.
Marys Prarie Flowers
As a thank you gift, please use this guide to prarie flowers in the Marys River Watershed when you are out and about.


Spring (April) 2013 Newwletter

MRWC Spring 2013 Newsletter available

Visit the Newsletter archive page or go straight to the SPRING NEWSLETTER.


Regarding ACOE Fill Permit Application for Retreat at Oak Creek


Late last week, it came to our attention that Landmark Properties, doing business as Retreat at Oak Creek, LLC, used our name in their application for wetland fill permits from the US Army Corps of Engineers and Oregon Department of State Lands (NWP 2013-68, pg 3). We would like to set the record straight, that we have no ongoing relationship with the developer. The last contact we had with the developer’s agents was prior to the annexation of the Sather property.

In response, we sent a letter to the Army Corps of Engineers to clarify our limited interaction with Landmark Properties.

In short, MRWC participated in a site visit at the request of Landmark Properties representatives.  We highlighted key ecological values of the site, specifically the oak grove and the unnamed channel on the northeast corner adjacent to Oak Creek.  The channel on that portion of the property is one of the few sites on Oak Creek which provides winter high flow cutthroat trout refuge and floodwater retention.  ODFW has documented juvenile Willamette spring Chinook rearing in the first mile of Oak Creek. 

At a subsequent meeting with Landmark Properties representatives, they shared their vision for the property.  The area and volume of wetland fill necessary to achieve their plans was not discussed at that time.


Two videos now available for download!

NOTE: These are in Quicktime Format and may take a few moments to download; please be patient.

Watch a unique video of projects in the Upper Greasy Creek Watershed we completed in 2012.

If you missed the Winter meeting, you still can watch Jennifer Morace's presentation about anthropogenic organic compounds in the Colubia River Watershed.

Strategic Planning Documents Available

The Council recently developed a strategic plan for the next several years. The board and staff devoted many hours focused on this important look forward. Details of the plans are available on this website. You can view the Council's STRATEGIC DIRECTION, the Council's THREE YEAR STRATEGIC PLAN, and the Council's STRATEGIC FUNDRAISING OVERVIEW. Come to the annual meeting to learn more!


Placing Large Trees in the Creek!

Have you seen video of helicopters placing logs in Rock Creek yet?

Note: the link will take you away from the MRWC web site to another site.

On February 13, 2012, MRWC Chair Thom Whittier gave a talk at the Corvallis City Club about the Marys River Flood of 2012.

Listen to Thom's talk here (MP3 format)
Listen to the first question (MP3 format)
Listen to the second question here(MP3 format)

For more details, see MRWC's City Club Talk page or our Educational Projects page

For more information on the Corvallis City Club, see


Have you donated to MRWC yet? Donations support MRWC's mission. Because MRWC is a tax-exempt non-profit corporation, all donations are tax deductible to the maximum extent allowed by law. Until the MRWC has a way to donate online, please consider mailing a generous donation to:

PO Box 1041
Corvallis OR 97339-1041

Now you can even donate online!

A MRWC project was featured on an episode of Oregon Field Guide.

This project included efforts to preserve rare native oak savannah & prarie habitats in the Cardwell Hills areas. as well as Kinkaid's Lupine to improve habitat for Fenders Blue and Tayor's Checkerspot Butterflies.
NOTE: the segment begins about 11:00 minutes into the half-hour show.

Western Pond Turtles

MRWC Board of Directors meets the second Tuesday of each month at Philomath City Hall.

For more information, contact Xan Augerot,
Executive Director at:

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1041
Corvallis OR 97339

Office Location:
101 SW Western Blvd
Corvallis OR 97333
NOTE: Our office hours are generally 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday. If you are coming from a distance, please call in advance, as we are frequently out in the field or at meetings.