A Night of Trivia Pursuits

Board director, Pete, got in on the action at the MRWC Trivia Night!

In the 1800s, John Snow, credited as the father of epidemiology, argued that contaminated water was responsible for the spread of what bacterial epidemic in London?

In 1920, OSU christened its football field, Bell Field after John Bell, a minister and OSU alum that, after victories, would lead a parade down to the Marys River to ceremoniously drop what into the water as a token of celebration?

These and many more quizzical queries were put to the audience at McMenamins on Monroe on the evening of Monday, March 2nd for the first Marys River Watershed Council Trivia Night!  

Turnout was strong with about 35 people participating in 10 teams.

There were eight rounds of 10 questions, with themes including history, books, movies, potpourri, and even a special Marys River/Corvallis round. AmeriCorps VISTA, Niki, was MC for the evening as Executive Director, Holly, totaled scores from each round, and board member and Hydrophile, Tessa, collected answer sheets and watched out for people trying to look at answers on their cellphone (thankfully, no one had to wear the bag of shame!) 

We want to offer a huge thank you to our sponsors, OSU Hydrophiles and McMenamins on Monroe, for all their help and support! 

The top three teams — Intensely Aggressive Ecologists, Patience Zero, and DJ Metaschist — took home prizes generously donated by Sky High Brewing, Murphy’s, and TreeBeerd’s. 

We hope to see folks again for another Marys River Watershed Council Trivia Night in the future! 

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