The Council was founded in the late 1990s by area residents concerned about water quality. Through 2004, the Council focused primarily on conducting assessments of watershed issues, including elevated stream temperature, turbidity, and channel change processes (see Publications page).

Restoration.  We work with landowners to restore natural function to streams and wetlands, prairies and oak savannas.  We begin with a rapid bioassessment, to create a road map of priority restoration actions.  Road map in hand, the next step is to convene local landowners to describe the roles their properties play with respect to habitat for cutthroat trout, butterflies and Pacific lamprey.  Once key opportunities and key limitations are described, we seek willing landowners and project funds to do the work.  Most of the restoration work is carried out by contractors, in tandem with landowners.

Education.  In partnership with local schools and other non-profits, we provide opportunities for outdoor learning through field exploration and service projects around the watershed.  We also participate in opportunities for informal education, such as Kids Day for Conservation and Willamette River Relay.

Outreach.  The Council hosts project tours, workshops and quarterly forums regarding aspects of watershed health.  Recent forum topics include the role of forests in the watershed, Pacific lamprey, and a panel on local pollinators, including bees and butterflies.