Our mission is to inspire and support voluntary stewardship of the Marys River watershed.

  • We believe that a healthy environment and a healthy economy are inextricably linked.
  • We believe that watershed stewardship should be based on a combination of sound science, education and community involvement.
  • We believe that a strong stewardship ethic enables us to leave healthy natural resources for future generations.
  • We believe in working from ridge to ridge to achieve dynamic, naturally functioning ecosystems.
  • We value our relationship with the landowners who have voluntarily joined in whole watershed habitat enhancement projects.

From Marys Peak to the Willamette River, from forests to farms, prairies to ponds, backyards to schoolyards, Marys River Watershed Council is cultivating strong neighborhood ownership of the watershed’s health. We envision a future where abundant native fish live in the shaded creeks and rivers, and where people feel connected to this place and see themselves as active stewards of the land and water. Investing in voluntary partnerships, the Marys River Watershed Council is a catalyst for restoring natural systems in a resilient watershed.