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Where Butterflies Thrive

Planting Wildflowers and Freeing Oak Bringing Back Prairie Habitat “There’s one!” calls a tall guy in an olive-drab raincoat. Slowly, gingerly, several members of the group step through the wet wildflowers toward the place where he’s pointing. There sits a tiny butterfly, … Read more »

Corvallis Mill Race: Past, Present, Future

1. Old Wetland Rivulet Dug Out for Flour Power Chinese Laborers Dig Channel and Build Dam If you drive along Hwy 99 through Corvallis’s “South Town,” you might have a hard time imagining how the landscape looked when European settlers … Read more »

Restoring a Creek, Living a Legacy

  A family carries on a tradition of stewardship Family history drips from the pores of the old farmhouse above Rock Creek. You can see it in the wallpapered dining room, where the polished faces of ancestors look out from … Read more »