Oaks & Prairies


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

7:00 to 8:45 p.m.

Corvallis Public Library,                Free and open to the public!





Join us for our winter forum on oak savannas and prairies, including upland (“dry”) prairies and seasonal (“wet”) prairies . Learn how these vital landscapes have changed since Europeans settled the mid-Willamette Valley, and how those changes are affecting wildlife. Hear, too, about restoration projects underway around the watershed. Our panel of experts includes:


Joel Geier. A hydrologist with a Ph.D. from Oregon State University, Joel Geier studies grassland and oak woodland birds and works with volunteers on prairie restoration.

Regina Southworth. MRWC’s prairie and oak restoration coordinator Regina Southworth is planting nectar and host species for the endangered Fender’s blue butterfly and documenting population changes over time.

Mark Miller. Trout Mountain Forestry’s Mark Miller is a seasoned practitioner who works with a range of different oak restoration scenarios.

Michael Pope. As director of Greenbelt Land Trust, Michael Pope oversees a variety of oak and prairie restoration projects, including large-scale work currently underway at Bald Hill Farm.

Scott Harris. Landowner Scott Harris is working with MRWC to bring back wildflowers and other vegetation critical to butterflies such as the Fender’s blue.