In 2009-2010, Benton County, Oregon Department of Transportation, and

Hwy 34 Crossing - before
Highway 34 Crossing – before

four private landowners worked with the Watershed Council to remedy eight fish passage barriers with “Fish Friendly” crossings on lower Blair Creek.

Five culverts on Blair Creek and one culvert on Gellatly Creek were replaced with larger countersunk pipes. A graded rock riffle was constructed to backwater the lower Gellatly Creek culvert under Highway 34. This is a concrete box culvert that would have been cost-prohibitive to replace. The graded riffle served to backwater the pipe to remedy the perch at the outlet. One culvert on Blair Creek was removed and replaced by the landowner with a foot bridge.

Six passage barriers remain to be remedied on Blair Creek in the future.

This project was supported by Oregon Watershed Enhancement

Hwy 34 Crossing - after
Highway 34 Crossing – after

Board, Oregon Dept of Fish & Wildlife, Freshwater Trust and Benton County.