In 2009-2010, the 6th -8th grade students of Corvallis’ Lincoln Greasy-Blair Riparian - Lincoln School 2009_0221Elementary School adopted the planting of the riparian area of the Wakefield’s on Blair Creek. Teacher, Janice Rosenburg, tailored the curriculum to interweave math, science and writing into the restoration experience. The students planted a total of 900 trees and shrubs on the .35 acre site that had been converted from a riparian forest to a softball field by a previous owner.

Journal entries from students:

We also asked Grady Holoday 6th grade why restoring Blair creek is important and his response was, “I feel it’s more educational because when you are out there getting dirty you learn more then when you’re reading out of a textbook.” C.  Miedema and E. Childers

Blair Creek maybe a nothing little property but in three Fridays we have made a huge impact on the community the creek and the wild life as well as a small impact on the world.  A. Lochner

This project was supported by Oregon Trout, Benton Soil & Water Conservation District, Lincoln School, and Oregon Dept of Fish & Wildlife STEP program.