FendersBlueButterfly_Wren_ FleckHarding
Fender’s blue butterfly

Fender’s blue and Taylor’s checkerspot butterflies and other native pollinators require host plants for their reproduction and nectar plants for forage. The Wren Nectar Network project seeks to improve habitat quality and connectivity for Fender’s blue and Taylor’s checkerspot butterflies by increasing the distribution and abundance of nectar and host plants in Wren.

Since 2011, twenty-four Wren landowners have partnered with the Council in planting 42,000 seedlings and bulbs of native wildflowers, prime nectar sources for butterflies and other pollinators, across a combined total of 76 acres. Ten landowners have participated in reintroducing Kincaid’s lupine to their prairie, providing a critical host plant for Fender’s blue butterflies.

Support for this project came from Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, Willamette Habitat Restoration Fund, and US Fish & Wildlife Partners Program.