Dunawi Filtering Wetland Project

In celebration of Natural Areas Week 2020, the Council created this short video to highlight the work done to rehabilitate the Dunawi wetland. This project was a collaboration of the Council, the City of Corvallis, and the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition Water Action Team.

Click here to watch the Dunawi Wetland video.

Greasy Creek Project

In 2012, the Marys River Watershed Council focused a number of projects in the Greasy Creek sub-watershed.  A unique video highlights them.

Butterfly Conservation

Several years ago, a Marys River Watershed Council project was featured on an episode of Oregon Field Guide.  This project included efforts to preserve rare native oak savannah & prairie habitats in the Cardwell Hills area, as well as Kincaid’s Lupine to improve habitat for Fenders Blue and Taylor’s checkerspot butterflies.   NOTE: the segment begins about 11:00 minutes into the half-hour show.

Rock Creek Structures

This brief video clip depicts helicopter placement of large wood structures on Rock Creek, to improve summer and winter habitat for cutthroat trout.

Lost Fish

This is an excellent short film about Pacific lamprey and their cultural significance to Pacific Northwest tribes, from Freshwaters Illustrated.

Water Quality

Jennifer Morace (USGS) gave an interesting talk on anthropogenic organic compounds in the Columbia River Watershed at a MRWC quarterly meeting.