As part of a 2003 Action Plan, the Council worked with local specialists to develop a cutthroat trout Habitat Suitability Index to rank the habitat capacity of local streams. Several stream systems emerged as priorities — Woods Creek, Beaver Creek, Rock Creek and Shotpouch Creek. Rapid Bio-Assessments were used to validate the Habitat Suitability Index and to prioritize restoration opportunities.

When Marys River Watershed Council was selected to participate in the Willamette Model Watershed Program in 2010, we enrolled these creeks in the context of their sub-basins: Beaver Creek, Woods Creek, Greasy Creek, and TumTum River. We have focused our outreach efforts and restoration funds to address priorities highlighted by RBAs in these sub-basins. Many restoration priorities have been addressed, and we are turning our attention next to streams in the middle and upper Marys River.