The City of Corvallis Public Works and the City of Philomath Public Works both draw water from the Marys River in order to service both municipal areas. Learn more about where your drinking water comes from: the City of Corvallis Water Quality Reports and the City of Philomath Annual Water Quality Reports.

About 1/3 of Corvallis’s drinking water and all of Philomath’s water supply comes from the Marys River and its tributaries.

The fish ladder off of one of the water intake systems in the Marys River watershed. MRWC worked with the City of Corvallis Public Works to put in this fish ladder in 2010.

See something fishy (not in a good way!)? Report a problem:

Learn more about the Oregon State University nitrate well water testing program.

Interested in getting your drinking water tested? At the following link, the Oregon Health Authority lists ORELAP accredited labs that test drinking water and accept public samples. Lab fees will be associated with this testing.